Student Life: Fine Art

The walls of Bethlehem are covered with the creative energy of our students. As sophomores, students explore the fundamentals of art design and later may explore different mediums and styles in Photoshop, Advanced Studio, Computer Graphic Art and Digital Photography. Mrs. Mara Huston has been guiding the art instruction of Bethlehem's students for over 15 years and has lead them to grace the walls of the Congressional Tunnel in the annual 3rd District Art Competition for the last four years. Four of our graduates have completed the architecture program at the University of Kentucky and our alums are designers, art teachers, graphic designers, and photographers.

Art students are involved in competitions, student exhibits, field trips to museums, and galleries so that they can experience the significance of art in our culture and in their lives.


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"When people come into art class, they have no idea of the talent they hold within themselves. I really was not good at art before coming into this class, and it's like I randomly gained superpowers."

-- Catharine Ball


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