Student Life: Student Council

The Student Council’s mission is to promote the value of leadership at Bethlehem High School and in our community.  The Student Council

1.   Represents student feelings, opinions, and interests.

2.   Encourages students to initiate and participate in school affairs.

3.   Promotes activities and programs that provide opportunities for as many students to become involved as possible.

4.   Develops within the individual student a sense of responsibility for conduct and behavior.

5.   Fosters pride in the appearance of school buildings and grounds.

6.   Creates harmonious relationships between faculty and students.

7.   Conducts and regulates all school campaigns, elections, and installations of student council leaders.

8.  Acts as ambassadors of the school to improve school and community relationships.


One of the Student Council's major events is the coordination of Dance, Dance, Bethlehem, an overnight marathon that raises money for a charity chosen by students.



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