Campus Ministry: Overview

In essence, Campus Ministry completes religious education. It creates an environment in which the student desires to participate in the Catholic faith, to understand their faith, practice their beliefs, and most importantly, grow closer to Jesus Christ as they mature into young adults. Since there is a harmony between the religion department and campus ministry, the student is not only learning about the faith, but is given the opportunity to practice it. The mission of Campus Ministry is for every Bethlehem student to receive a life enriched by the Catholic faith and to be able to engage the world daily through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bethlehem High School envisions a Campus Ministry that prepares students to be involved in the mission of the Church, which is to love and serve the Lord. We aim to further the identity of the Catholic School in the ministries of service and spirituality, through community prayer and worship within our community, and to link the school family with the larger Church, and world family.

Campus Ministry provides a comfortable atmosphere where students can incorporate their faith into every aspect of their lives and come to know Jesus Christ in a truly personal way.



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