Memorial & Tribute Gifts


Throughout Bethlehem's history, many of our loved ones have passed, but their memory still remains very much alive in our hearts. These individuals were very involved and committed to Bethlehem. Keeping Their Memory Alive affords an opportunity for each of us to remember and pay tribute to our deceased loved ones as well as support Bethlehem High School. Memorial contributions support the expansion of program offerings, improved technology, facility improvements and retention of quality teachers. Loved ones honored through your contributions will be recognized in our annual report.Individuals whose donation amounts reach $1,000 or more will also be recognized as a Star of Bethlehem Society member and their name will be placed on the Star of Bethlehem Society Wall of Honor located in the front lobby of the school.


Benefactors who contribute a cumulative amount of $10,000 or more will establish a “Named” Scholarship Endowment Fund. The fund is designated to provide up to 100% tuition support for students with the greatest financial need as indicated by the Private School Aid Service (PSAS). The fund will be named as directed by the donor and can be in honor or in memory of a family member, etc. The student receiving the financial tuition support will recognize the donor in writing. Further recognition includes acknowledgement in the Bethlehem Annual Report and the fund name displayed on the Wall of Fame located in the front lobby of Bethlehem.
“Named” scholarship contributions may be pledged over a five (5) year period to reach the cumulative amount.

In 2017, Martha Ballard Diebold ('73) and husband Frank, generously established a permanent endowment fund for Bethlehem High School through the Louisville Community Foundation. By making a gift to this existing permanent endowment fund, you may qualify for a state tax credit in addition to your Federal tax deduction.  This is a tax-wise way to support Bethlehem and create a lasting legacy. 
For more information about the Bethlehem High School endowment at the Louisville Community Foundation, please contact the Bethlehem Advancement office.