The proceeds from Bethlehem High School Bingo are part of what keeps Bethlehem's tuition rate as affordable as possible.  Most years, the school's budget is supplemented to the tune of $150,000 to $200,000 by the proceeds from Bingo.  As such, the families of our students are expected to volunteer in support of Bingo.  Each family is asked to work four bingos per school year per student that is enrolled at Bethlehem High School.   Please help ensure you are doing your part to keep tuition costs down by using this SignUpGenius link to volunteer for your expected time slots:

Please note that you may have your student(s), a friend or family member (must be over 15) work in your place.  Although not encouraged, if necessary you may arrange to have a substitute work for you.  Please contact Jessica Simmons (502) 492-0111 for information on substitute workers.

Bingo is held at the Keystone Bingo Center near what was formerly the Keystone Cinemas.  The Keystone Bingo Center is NON SMOKING!  Sunday workers are asked to arrive at 5:00pm and should be finished at approximately 8:30pm. Thursday workers are asked to arrive at 6:00pm and should be finished at approximately 9:30pm.