In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022 bingo profits contributed approximately 200,000 to Bethlehem High School.  As you may or may not know, it continues to be our largest fundraiser.  Last year every student at Bethlehem had his or her tuition subsidized approximately $500-$800 from bingo profit.  We are also able to continue to upgrade our facilities with larger projects with funds raised by Bingo.  
To run a successful bingo, it takes the contributions of all our parents.  Every family benefits, so every family is asked to work.  This helps contribute to the idea of everyone providing their time, talent and treasure to make Bethlehem the amazing school it is!  All parents and/or students are asked to work four bingos per year.  If your son/daughter is an athlete, then you/they will work two additional bingos.  If you have two or more students at Bethlehem High School, then you will work two additional bingos.
Bingo is held at the Keystone Bingo Center next to the previously owned Keystone Cinemas.  The Keystone Bingo Center is NON-SMOKING!  Sunday workers are asked to arrive at 5:00 pm and should be finished at approximately 8:30 pm. Thursday workers are asked to arrive at 6:00 pm and should be finished at approximately 9:30 pm.
We are implementing Sign-Up Genius which allows parents to sign up for the exact date that they are able to work.  It is first come, first serve, so if you reserve your spot early, you’ll get exactly what you want.  You could essentially work them all in one month and not have to work anymore for the remainder of the year.  The link is here.  Please note that you may have your son/daughter, a friend, or a family member (must be over 15) work in your place.  You may also arrange to have a substitute work for you. Please contact Jessica Simmons for information on substitute workers at (502) 492-0111.