Why Bethlehem?

Why Choose A Catholic School?
High school is a critical time for academic, social and spiritual development in the lives of young men and women. A Catholic education provides discipline, academic rigor, a nurturing environment, and a strong sense of community. With an emphasis on Christ-centered values, our focus is on the development of our students as whole, well-rounded people. Our programs address the spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional needs of young men and women as they navigate their crucial teenage years. Each Catholic high school has a unique spirit and living tradition that captures the hearts and minds of its students. As a result, young people feel they really belong at the school of their choice and want to do well.
Why Bethlehem?
Our goal is to provide extraordinary academics, faith development and social experiences that develop and shape the values of the entire student. Our college prep curriculum, focused on core content and ACT improvement, our spiritual enrichment programs that include class retreats and service programs, and our broad opportunities for sports and extracurricular involvement, prepare our graduates for the challenges of career and life. Our graduates are prepared to excel in higher education and become lifelong learners and contributing citizens.

At Bethlehem High School, We Offer...
  • A clearly articulated, rigorous curriculum aligned with relevant standards, 21st century skills and Gospel values, implemented through effective instruction 
  • A Theology program fully aligned with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved curriculum and supported by the Didache textbook series by the Midwest Theological Forum 
  • A rigorous, engaging core curriculum culminating in 9 capstone Advanced Placement courses: Biology, Calculus AB, Computer Science Principles, Composition, Government and Politics, Literature, Spanish, Comparative Government and U.S. History 
  • An average ACT score of 24.3
  • An opportunity to take Dual Credit courses through partnerships with Western Kentucky University and Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, as well as college-level coursework in algebra and trigonometry 
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities for students to further identify their gifts and talents 
  • Student Teacher Ratio of 25:1
  • Chromebooks provided to all students and school-wide wireless network that allows students to use their personal devices
  • A Media Arts Center equipped with new iMacs for classes such as Computer Graphic Art, Digital Literacy, Yearbook and Broadcasting 
  • Practical money management know-how through Accounting and the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course in Personal Finance 
  • A supportive process for transitioning to higher learning through a full-time college and career counselor
  • A chance to create and perform in humanities-based programs in art and theatre 
  • Daily, concentrated support for students with diagnosed learning differences 
  • The opportunity for students to replace two electives during their junior and senior years with course offerings from the Nelson County Area Technology Center and the Bluegrass Aerospace Experience