Baby News

Oh Baby!   
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Welcome to our newest Baby Banshees and Baby Eagles:
  • Kimberly Monin '06 and Rob Cote "Eleanor Noel"
  • Thomas '06 and Kelly Wagoner "James Cole"
  • Ben '00 and Cassie Greenwell "Cecilia Ann"
  • Patrick Clements '03 and Sarah Absher "Patterson Keene Absher-Clements"
  • Alex ’07 and Kaisey Medley “Reece Hampton”
  • Matthew and Olivia Ringo ’05 Kelley “Cliff”
  • David ’13 and Coralee Cecil ’13 Smith “Aria Katherine”
  • Brandon and Natalie Robbins ’05 Brown “Adelynn Jo“
  • Chad ’98 and Whitney Hardin ’05 Mattingly “Ella Claire”
  • Michael ’05 and Kim Hicks ’05 Conway “Elijah Joseph”
  • Alex ’07 and Jordan Carey “Kate Rapier”
  • Casey ’07 and Adrianne Monin “Carter Liam”